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Prompt Rules:

:bulletred: All entries must have the group icon and the exact prompt which inspired the deviation in artist comments. (We're not strict on this as people generally do this. But please, do this)

:bulletred: Poetry and Prose are welcome for every prompt. There are no exclusions.

:bulletred: Prose pieces have a 500 word minimum and a 2000 word maximum. (We are willing to have wiggle room. But if you're below 350, it's a no go)

:bulletred: ALL prompts must be new! No digging out old ones from your gallery that you know people will love! It's cheating. (This one I make no exceptions for.)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the last prompt! After looking through them, we have come up with a winner! Congratulations to:  sinnamonrol with your piece:

JoyThe tempest inside me is thunderous.

Kinda cataclysmic.

A great, loud storm of pain, anger, and sadness.

It drives my heart and myself asunder.

Until the storm blows away,

And the sun comes out, shining bright.

As promised, here is your feature:

You knowI used to think
have somewhat belief
that one day
we could be something
but now
I know
we are close 
to nothing
And this is all because
You love another
Just as much as I love you
Spooky storyOnce upon a time
Christ went to a haunted farm on a bike and found a fluffy chicken and fell in love with it. Princess fluffy pickle, the chicken, did not return his love. Jesus did not care. He took the chicken home and Princess Fluffy Pickle did not like that. One night she snuck out and went to this one place and to get her claws sharpened. When she was crossing the street she got trampled by a donkey that was driven by satan. The end.
Please don't go awayAudio that goes with this sorta:
Brightheart watched as Swiftpaw started walking away, everything fading slowly. She ran after him, and shouted at him. "No you can't! Please don't go away! Please?" She stopped running, and looked at the ground. She started crying and said quietly, "No one has ever stuck with me for so long before. When I look at you, I can feel it. A-and I look at you, and I'm home. Please. I don't want that to go away. I don't wanna forget." Brightheart looked up to see Swiftpaw's head facing her, pain in his eyes. He turned away from her and continued walking into the distance, everything fading for Brightheart.
Brightheart woke with a start and frantically looked around. She saw that she was in the nursery with her kits, back in the Thunderclan camp. She looked outside the den and saw the faintest outline of

(Swiftpaw x Brightpaw) You Forget EverythingYou Forget Everything
By: Chloedoesminecraft.
Swiftpaw and Brightpaw/Brightheart belongs to Erin Hunter
Please listen to this while you read:
It had been centuries since the rule of the great Fire. Many interesting things happened in that timespan, including the time when little Swift and Bright went up against their strongest enemies, the dogs. Swift died, saving Bright. Bright lost her ear and eye in that fight. She grew up to be a nice woman and have a family. But she once said, “If Swift had lived, I honestly believe we would be together and have a nice family..” There were still descendants of the famous people of that time, it was just hard to tell by now.
There were two young teens, about the age of 15. Named after Swift and Bright and they looked alot like them. Swift had weird dreams. He dreamt about fights and one beautiful young lady. One day, he was walking thro
Ginger's Journey. Prologue                                                                                                                                                            
The moon shone bright
Ginger's Journey Ch. 1          .:Gingers POV:.                                                                                                                                                  

You will also receive your 50 points today!

Our Runner-Ups

“So how old are you, then?”, Lydia asked the elderly women.
She didn't respond immediately but continued to look through the large windows. Her eyes focused on the vast green planes and the skyline of the large city that lay beneath the habitat floating several kilometres above the planet's surface. Down there was good weather. The sun was shining. She sighed as she couldn't remember how many years ago she was moved from this huge vibrant and lively city to the quiet world of the sky habitat.
She missed all that cheerful chatter in the streets, the noises of playing children and the orderly chaos on market days. But eventually she reached an age at which living alone was no longer tolerated by the laws of society and so she had to leave everything behind and move to one of the large sky habitats. Here everything was calm and quiet. She had a little apartment with a clean bathroom, a soft bed to sleep on and even a little kitchen in case she wanted to prepare

The Mists WithinThe Mists Within
A calling from within my mind
Made me leave the sun behind.
A silken voice lead me astray.
In these damp mists I lost my way.
Grey shrouds of fog surrounding me.
Damp fingers caressing my knee.
I jump to turn around and flee,
But ev'rywhere thick mists I see.
I'm lost. I don't know where to go.
„Where are you now? Come on and show
Yourself!“ I scream into the dark
And stumble, fall upon rough bark.
Next my head is filled with laughter
So loud it almost feels like slaughter.
What is this foul voice? Is it mine?
Who infects my mind, my holy shrine?

Deep silence. Then another sound.
One more step and I hit the ground.
A dark cloud obstructs my vision.
Nowhere to go and no decision.
Wild chaos fills my mind and soul.
I shriek and hide like hunted fowl
Amidst a landscape of grey doom,
Indifference, eternal gloom.
I curse the thoughts within my head,
Their swirling presence filled with dread,
Their overwhelming confusion,
Intoxicating infusion.

New Prompt :

Kaleidoscope Reverie by alexiuss

Use this for your inspiration for your prose or poetry piece. Use it however you wish, be as creative as much as possible :eager:

The Deadline for this prompt is: November 25th.

Please submit your entries to:…

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to note us. :heart:
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