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Happenings in the Literature Community

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 10:34 AM

There are a lot of things going on in the literature community right now so I thought it would be a good idea to share these resources and events with you. I will update this regularly as new events come and go. So if you know of anything going on or have an event you'd like featured please let me know!

TWM CATastrophe Contest

TWM CATastrophe Contest!

September Bi-Monthly Feature

September Bi-Monthly Feature

TWM Prompt Collection (Add Prompt Ideas Here For Future Prompts!!)

The Writers Meow Prompt Collection

Monthly Activities

Cool Cat of the Month Edition 3

(Cool Cat of the Month. Edition 3: forever-yours-xo) :la:

(The Scratching Post Topics List. Add topic suggestions here!)

Latest Edition of: The Scratching Post

The Scratching Post Edition 2: CritiquesTWM Scratching Post
:wave: hi there everyone! I’m Rose (aka InklingsOfOblivion) and today I bring you TWM’s latest edition of the Scratching Post which focuses on GIVING critiques.
Before we embark on our journey together, I’ve collected up some articles that have been written by others: what I love is that everyone has a slightly different take on critiquing , bringing a new perspective and fresh ideas to the table.
LiliWrites – this one also has a whole bunch of other articles at the end, be sure to check it out
from Critique-It
by Skarlet-Raven
by neurotype
This is going to be a fairly long post, so grab some supplies and let’s get to it!
Suggested supplies:
:cake: :cookie:
(I’ve made a little contents page which links to different aspects of the article, so feel free to click any of the links below if you don’t feel like wading through everything!)
So, without furt

(Critique Tutorial)

The Writer's Meow News

The Weekly Prompt

October 22-28


Advanced Critique Folder is Open!
For those of you interested in getting some serious feedback on your writing, this is the place to get it. This isn't just any folder though, there are a few rules. Click the link to find out more!

Donation Pool. Points are used for prizes concerning the group It is on the right side of my Page.

Literature Community Contests/Activities

:new: New Group ran by SetfiretotheOcean


:new: VertigoArt is hosting his "Pass the Poem". He is the one who inspired me to do the one OUR group is doing. He is doing it in general, so there will be various others participating. If you liked being in our PTP OR didn't get a chance to sign up, here's your chance.

Pass The Poem 2014 - WorkingThe Poem
Staring into the sun, my mind binds itself to the rays
bending the supple limbs in search for celestial ghosts.
As the curtain swings to cover us, our secrets are safe.
I wonder, will time pass before the sun will again breach defenses?
I have often lost the minutes betwixt night and day,
and the kaleidoscope crepusculum colours me sightless
Leaving me in a daze
The air tastes of honeysuckle and mildew, strangely sweet,
reminding me of memories, and promises that I could not keep.
Moments lost, and sight be found,
I miss the moon, it's subtle glow amongst the dark.
Fantastic swirling galaxies haunt my waking dreams
or have they taken over my conscious thought?
Nothing is certain, safe for the minutes swirling by

I hosted the first Pass the Poem several years ago and had a great turn out. Since then I have done 3 other Pass the Poems and several other group collaborations. Other deviants and groups have adapted Pass the Poem for their own and brough

Two Thousand Words Project


Two Thousand Words 2014:

"Two Thousand Words is an art and literature collaborative project, where artists and writers get to work together. Last round the writers went first and wrote up drafts and synopses, which the artists looked over and chose a project they wanted to create artwork for. This round however is going to be a reverse round. Meaning that now the artists are going to come up with their art first, and writers will choose something that inspires them to write an accompanying story or poem!"

See link for the latest update in Two Thousand Words!:…

Writing Resources

Live-Love-Write has a new program designed to provide participants with somebody they can count on for help and readership. Participants will be assigned in pairs, and each member in a pair will tutor and critique the other, help with inspiration and writing, and participate in monthly projects and contests.

A great group to check out, especially if you are low on prompt ideas. They have a large list of some here:…

The Literature Community Experiment
New to the literature community? Or perhaps you are just wondering who the community is? Come and introduce yourself!

My Prompt Journal
The Literature Community Experiment continues with the showing and sharing of untold numbers of prompts.

The Latest Love dA Lit Issue (by the amazing IrrevocableFate)
Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

A group whose purpose is to get you writing a little every day. They want to inspire you! So why not let them?

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Which Submission best demonstrates the Superstitions Prompt Best? 

8 deviants said The Mysterious Case of the Cat in the NighttimeJimmy bolted upright in complete darkness.
The bed was empty. This was nothing new. His unfortunate habit of complaining to Seth “Blabbermouth” Crey about the little irritations of his life meant that the newly crowned king made it impossible for his butler to keep a long term relationship with anyone, even his mother.
However, he’d felt a rustle in the covers beside him. Probably wishful thinking, he thought sourly, settling back into the covers with a sigh.
A moment of silence occurred.
Something fluffy had squirmed up his shirt and he nearly bolted from the bed and set his shirt on fire trying to light a candle. Two green eyes peered at him from within his collar and mewed again.
He grabbed the cat by the scruff of its neck and yanked it out roughly. It gazed at him mournfully and pawed at his face feebly in an attempt to inspire release.
He swallowed carefully. A supernatural intuition he’d inherited from his m
7 deviants said Superstition Meets Farmer JoeBlack cat crossed my path…
Lucky me –
Barn’s been filled with mice.
3 deviants said Crab ApplesMaggie stood in front of her full length mirror with her shirt off. Her shape was already changing. Anwir avoided meeting her gaze through the mirror. "You're still beautiful, if that's what you are worrying about" he said offhandedly. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, fully clothed, holding the letter from the doctor. "So? I'm not the one you should be worried about," Maggie mumbled turning to look at Anwir. "You see what them tests say. The baby either ain't gunna make it, or she gunna be a vegetable!" She stared at him, her eyes were pleading for him to look up, and acknowledge her. "What am I supposedta do? I just started gettin' my grades to low B's from the F's they were! I can't quit school for no retard baby." She moved to grab her tee shirt off the floor, but a sucker punch laid her out. Anwir was towering above her, fist raised for another blow. "Don't you call our kid that again!" he thundered. The house was too still, too silent. The doctor's letter had been crumpled i
2 deviants said The black catThe black cat,
when it crosses your path;
expect bad luck.
For the cat,
it walks it usual route.
Next to the bakery,
it watches the mixer brake.
it leaves for the intersection.
Walking in the crosswalk;
it passes by a car.
The light changes,
it hits another car.
Snickering again;
the black cat leaves.
At the supermarket;
it always gets milk.
Wishing for no bad luck,
the cat doesn't move.
it always happens.
Someone usually drops them,
or their cart hits their car.
Something happens,
when the black cat is around.
Fills the cat,
when he scurries back home.
To the park;
under the tree.
The black cat sleeps,
under the silver moon.
One day,
it will have a home.
Where people will believe;
it's not the black cats fault.
1 deviant said Flip that shoe before I flip my shoe at youAn upturned shoe invites a medley of reactions.
"Turn it over!"
"Be quick about it!"
"The shoe!"
Or just plain calling you over and pointing towards the offending object.
That's because in desi-land--that's Pakistan and India to you folks--an upside down shoe is supposed to be disrespectful to God. I don't know how this superstition originated--but each and every Pakistani elder has this thinking firmly inscribed in stone in their minds: flip the shoe before I flip my shoe at you.
I usually comply when elders tell me to turn upside down shoes. Not because I think it makes much difference to God, but because I think it shows respect to my elders.
Will I tell my children to put their shoes upright, that is the question. The truth is, upside down shoes look untidy. While I might not have the same ingrained response to an overturned shoe as my elders, I will probably still ask others to turn them over. And turn them over myself. I suppose it's plain old cultural programming.
While two shoe


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