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Happenings in the Literature Community

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 10:34 AM

There are a lot of things going on in the literature community right now so I thought it would be a good idea to share these resources and events with you. I will update this regularly as new events come and go. So if you know of anything going on or have an event you'd like featured please let me know!

Pass the Poem Attendees List

Pass the Poem Project-Sign Up is now CLOSED!

TWM Prompt Collection (Add Prompt Ideas Here For Future Prompts!!)

The Writers Meow Prompt Collection

Monthly Activities

Cool Cat of the Month: Edition 1:wave:
Hey guys!
Welcome to the 1st Edition of Cool Cat of the Month. I wanted to do something monthly to reward active members in this group, so I thought this would be an awesome way.
Here is the rundown:
1. For the time being, Cool Cat of the Month will be chosen by the Admin and myself. Later on I may open it up to suggestions from you guys. Kind of like DD's or DLR suggestions
2. No member can be featured in back to back editions. You can only be chosen every other month.
3. Your prizes will include: An interview that will be featured in the edition, a deviation of YOUR choice to be placed in the Featured Folder, a feature at the end of the article, said article will be placed in both a "Cool Cats of the Month" folder AND on the front page until the next one is chosen.
4. These articles will be put out on the last day (give or take) of every calendar month.
5. Some ways you can stand out: Participating consistently in prompts (or contests/projects), engaging with other members in

(Cool Cat of the Month. Edition 1: icandotoo) :la:

How To Topics Bank

(The Scratching Post Topics List. Add topic suggestions here!)

:new: Latest Edition of: The Scratching Post :new:

The Scratching Post : Foundations in Character FOUNDATIONS IN CHARACTER
The revival has arrived; the tips & tricks blog is back, baby! And I'm honored to help by bringing you our first journey into the delicious, delicious cheesecake that is the world of Literary Prose! So grab your fork, spoon, knife, spork, spnorf, or whatever else you use to absorb nutrients and let's dive in!
You’ve just written the most interesting, most lovable, and most memorable character in all of the literary world. So you think. Too bad there are libraries and warehouses stocked with books housing a protagonist just. Like. Yours. Congratulations, you’ve written the Mary Sue or Gary Stu. A character with either no flaws at all or so many flaws it physically hurts my brain, ribs, and spleen when I read about them. A character that can take your novel from New York Times Bestseller to Waste of Times No-seller. It’s that important. And I’m here to make sure you don’t shoot your career in the foot by shoo

(Foundations in Character)

The Writer's Meow News

The Weekly Prompt

August 18-25

Scene Challenge

At a Chinese restaurant, your character opens his fortune cookie and reads the following message: "Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing."...

Advanced Critique Folder is Open!
For those of you interested in getting some serious feedback on your writing, this is the place to get it. This isn't just any folder though, there are a few rules. Click the link to find out more!

Donation Pool. Points are used for prizes concerning the group It is on the right side of my Page.

Literature Community Contests/Activities

:new: VertigoArt is hosting his "Pass the Poem". He is the one who inspired me to do the one OUR group is doing. He is doing it in general, so there will be various others participating. If you liked being in our PTP OR didn't get a chance to sign up, here's your chance.

Pass The Poem 2014 - ReminderPass the word along and get others involved.
I hosted the first Pass the Poem several years ago and had a great turn out. Since then I have done 3 other Pass the Poems and several other group collaborations. Other deviants and groups have adapted Pass the Poem for their own and brought a minor collaboration to many people. Collaborations themselves can bring together many artists from various mediums to work together on one project bringing a new standard of quality to their work. I invite everyone to participate in this event, whether you have never written before or you are a New York Times best selling author. It only takes one line to participate and maybe a little vision and as artists, vision is noit one thing we are lacking.
How It Works
First each interested deviant must send VertigoArt a note to sign up. You may comment here, but only by noting me will you guarantee your spot. Just let me know that you are interested and I will send you information as to what you will be

Dreamers Welcome: July Monthly Challenge

:icondreamers-welcome: This month's theme is plug!

Some examples of how you might go about this theme:

Some examples of how you might use the theme:
A shameless plug for something you would like to promote
Something to block a hole or an entry
An electrical plug
A plug-in, an extension of a program
Pulling the plug, to end something
To plug away, working very hard despite of the circumstances

Click the link above for more details. Deadline is: August 1st!

Seven Deadly Sins Project

:iconsixwordstories: I am hosting a Project over there. The current theme is: 7 Deadly Sins. You don't have to be a member to participate!

See here for details:…

Two Thousand Words Project


Two Thousand Words 2014:

"Two Thousand Words is an art and literature collaborative project, where artists and writers get to work together. Last round the writers went first and wrote up drafts and synopses, which the artists looked over and chose a project they wanted to create artwork for. This round however is going to be a reverse round. Meaning that now the artists are going to come up with their art first, and writers will choose something that inspires them to write an accompanying story or poem!"

See link for the latest update in Two Thousand Words!:…

Writing Resources

Live-Love-Write has a new program designed to provide participants with somebody they can count on for help and readership. Participants will be assigned in pairs, and each member in a pair will tutor and critique the other, help with inspiration and writing, and participate in monthly projects and contests.

A great group to check out, especially if you are low on prompt ideas. They have a large list of some here:…

The Literature Community Experiment
New to the literature community? Or perhaps you are just wondering who the community is? Come and introduce yourself!

My Prompt Journal
The Literature Community Experiment continues with the showing and sharing of untold numbers of prompts.

The Latest Love dA Lit Issue (by the amazing IrrevocableFate)
Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

A group whose purpose is to get you writing a little every day. They want to inspire you! So why not let them?

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Which Submission best demonstrates the Photo Challenge prompt best? 

5 deviants said Sound of SilenceReluctantly I stare at this vast obelisk that crowds my entire world. The giant vision of a world that they thought they could create. The mistakes  they made for us foolish people to follow. They called them rules, laws even. I can't believe I followed them. I can't believe what I've done. What I became. I am ashamed.
These blanketed stairs give way to the rage of both myself and the sea. The raging waves that beat and batter the obelisk until it is no more than than a waste in the middle of a beautiful water scape. A disaster on the darkness of a world where the sun is no longer given the audience to shine upon. I scorn at this thing that destroyed my perfect way of life. I stare and scorn, but nothing more.
I sit at the bottom of these stairs. Water forming on the tops, drowning the hollow screams of madmen who fell at the feet of this disaster. The obelisk they created to be their god, the monument to resemble a clock to count down the world. They thought they could make thing
3 deviants said ghosts (iii)Oh how the wind is howling.
Imagine such a perfect time,
Await the curlew’s final call,
And commit the perfect crime.
Quickly hustle down the street,
And feel your throat go tight,
When, you see the broken girl,
Doesn't go down without a fight,
Look at her pale skin,
And see the devil in her eyes,
And when you see her laughing scowl,
Begin to picture your demise,
But she’ll smirk and walk away,
Her aurora changing in the light,
That evil girl was always there,
Only coming out at night.
3 deviants said Taken for GrantedThat summer we spent
Has perished in time
Still the memory burns
In the back of my mind
Your gray eyes were foggy
Like the clouds overcast
And your smell was like rain
That the ocean brought past
The sands were your skin
So brittle and fair
And the sea oats flowed gently
like your fine,  golden hair
Your spirit was free
Like an albatross feather
Such beauty I could not see
When we were together
I was a storm
Raging out of control
You were an angel
A compassionate soul
What you ever saw in me
I'm not sure I could say
For my heart was cold as stone
And you loved me anyway
And you had such a passion
That no being could ever measure
Still I treated you as nothing
Just a warm evening's pleasure
You were as pure as the dew
While I was filthy as sin
And when I tried to shut you out
You went and let me in
That love I always abused
That love I learned to steal
That love is forever buried
Now the feeling is surreal
I could have been a friend
I could have dove into that water
1 deviant said Search to Fade by xetobyte Photo for Reference
1 deviant said why some things have to come to an end
Angela cried, her feet were already aching as she dashed up the stairs that seemed to have been made for giants, rather than humans. Behind her she heard panicked screams and shouts, but she didn’t dare look back anymore. She knew they were lost and she would be too, if she dared to look back now.
“FUCK! It’s catching up!” she heard Jacob shout, not far behind her.
‘don’t waste your breath, idiot! It won’t slow down unless there’s just one of us left!’ Angela thought to herself as she dashed up the massive stone steps faster.
She heard another scream, feminine and short. She didn’t want to think about who had been swallowed by the waves this time. She didn’t want to think about yet another friend she’d now  lost forever.
“AMY!” Jacob shouted back, forcing Angela to realize who the endlessly rising black abyss had taken now. It had not just swallowed any friend, but her own sister.  Tears cloud
No deviants said GazaThey beat our plowshares into swords,
Then into guns.
And then to bombs.
And all the while they promised peace,
with milky tongues & honeyed words,
while we had less and less to eat.
No deviants said The Goddess of Time
The Goddess of Time
My body is always heavy because I am not allowed to take a break as I always must continue to walk down my path. My long brown hair was slightly moving from the slight hot breeze as today in the the never ending sands of time it was hot.
The souls of my feet where cracked from the burning hot steps, my throat was so dry from the hot air but I still continued to walk as I felt the hot sun beating down on my skin as the breeze came through again slightly blowing my white dress that danced in the wind. In the distance was a clock that was always spinning as I would walk along the steps of time each step I took I watched a new eras form, the bloody wars, and generations of people who changed history.
People would come into this time line as I would watch many as they traveled on the same path I walk everyday except unlike me when they reach the end of their clock as they slowly faded away into the sands of time their exist fading into tiny pieces of sand along this eter


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Hi guys. Trying to submit my first ever prompt response. Literally first ever. And the folder claims my submission would exceed the limit of one every seven days. How is this possible? I haven't submitted anything yet, so how have I exceeded my limit?
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I'm taking fanfiction requests. I won't put any restrictions on what you can suggest other than no yaoi, yuri, or mature content of any kind. How many I take depends on how many I like, and this is not first come first serve, so no worries if you need some time to think about it! I write for a lot of different things from movies to video games to select animes, so ask me about them and I'll see what I can do :3 In general, my favorites are KH, FF, LoZ, How to Train your Dragon....but there's endless more, so don't be afraid to ask! :D (Big Grin) 

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