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Happenings in the Literature Community

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 10:34 AM

There are a lot of things going on in the literature community right now so I thought it would be a good idea to share these resources and events with you. I will update this regularly as new events come and go. So if you know of anything going on or have an event you'd like featured please let me know!

Pass the Poem Attendees List…

TWM Prompt Collection (Add Prompt Ideas Here For Future Prompts!!)…

The Scratching Post Topics List (Add topic suggestions here!)…

The Writer's Meow News

The Weekly Prompt

July 28-August 3

Color Your World: Chose a color you love, and let that be your inspiration

Advanced Critique Folder is Open!
For those of you interested in getting some serious feedback on your writing, this is the place to get it. This isn't just any folder though, there are a few rules. Click the link to find out more!

Donation Pool. Points are used for prizes concerning the group It is on the right side of my Page.

Literature Community Contests

Dreamers Welcome: July Monthly Challenge

:icondreamers-welcome: This month's theme is plug!

Some examples of how you might go about this theme:

Some examples of how you might use the theme:
A shameless plug for something you would like to promote
Something to block a hole or an entry
An electrical plug
A plug-in, an extension of a program
Pulling the plug, to end something
To plug away, working very hard despite of the circumstances

Click the link above for more details. Deadline is: August 1st!

Seven Deadly Sins Project

:iconsixwordstories: I am hosting a Project over there. The current theme is: 7 Deadly Sins. You don't have to be a member to participate!

See here for details:…

Two Thousand Words Project


Two Thousand Words 2014:

"Two Thousand Words is an art and literature collaborative project, where artists and writers get to work together. Last round the writers went first and wrote up drafts and synopses, which the artists looked over and chose a project they wanted to create artwork for. This round however is going to be a reverse round. Meaning that now the artists are going to come up with their art first, and writers will choose something that inspires them to write an accompanying story or poem!"

See link for the latest update in Two Thousand Words!:…

Writing Resources

Live-Love-Write has a new program designed to provide participants with somebody they can count on for help and readership. Participants will be assigned in pairs, and each member in a pair will tutor and critique the other, help with inspiration and writing, and participate in monthly projects and contests.

A great group to check out, especially if you are low on prompt ideas. They have a large list of some here:…

The Literature Community Experiment
New to the literature community? Or perhaps you are just wondering who the community is? Come and introduce yourself!

My Prompt Journal
The Literature Community Experiment continues with the showing and sharing of untold numbers of prompts.

The Latest Love dA Lit Issue (by the amazing IrrevocableFate)
Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

A group whose purpose is to get you writing a little every day. They want to inspire you! So why not let them?

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We will gladly feature with any group or club who focuses on writing, whether it be prose or poetry. Others outside of this area will be considered on an individual basis. All affiliations are voted upon.

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Which Submission best demonstrates the Prose Prompt best? There will be one winner from each category. 

5 deviants said A Walk around the Writer's BlockIt's not the street I usually go down, but for some reason, that day I turned down a different road.
The twisted black shadows of trees played like lattice work on the cobblestone floor. I didn’t bother looking back to see the other path; I was all too familiar with it already.
Besides, it lead to a house full of blank white pages and crumpled quill pens.
I didn’t want to deal with that right now. The whiteness reminded me of a gleaming teeth, faintly yellowed, juxtaposed next to black ink.
The ink were hollow, staring eye sockets, I imagined.
I shuddered at the thought.
The shadows playing on the ground suddenly struck me similar to a rib cage, but what did the coiling black bones protect?
A twinkling laugh, like the sparkling of stars made my vision rise from the ground. A lovely woman, dressed in a cream colored frock waved her greeting to me.
I felt myself turn rosy and gave her my greetings. She went on her way, doing her best not to laugh.
I couldn’t blame her.
4 deviants said Oh, look it's a flower.It's not the street I usually go down, but for some reason that day I turn down a different road.
It seems strange doesn't it? the fact that doing the same thing every day, breeds someone to do things they shouldn't. It makes a person question life on the other side, tarnishing their good rep over something small and incoherent to their values and moral standards. This is a quandary, one that sits ever well inside my heart as I step softly from the pavement to the dirt.
These steps take me passed a few trees, this poses as odd to me. In a forest with only a few trees, it seems more like an orchard. A small one at that, but who cares really about such details.
Delicately, I pluck a small apple off of the tree. It is not round like the others. It is unique, and special. I refuse to eat it, so I simply place it in my backpack and continue. The apple bounces back and forth in my back and I realize it will bruise and be unimportant to me at that point. I reach into my bag and pull it out. I
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♥Love to read? 
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I'm taking fanfiction requests. I won't put any restrictions on what you can suggest other than no yaoi, yuri, or mature content of any kind. How many I take depends on how many I like, and this is not first come first serve, so no worries if you need some time to think about it! I write for a lot of different things from movies to video games to select animes, so ask me about them and I'll see what I can do :3 In general, my favorites are KH, FF, LoZ, How to Train your Dragon....but there's endless more, so don't be afraid to ask! :D (Big Grin) 

Simply reply with your request, that's all! :) (Smile) 


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I have created a new poetry group and I am looking for new members. Is anyone interested? This group has no strict rules, just have fun and keep it clean.


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