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A Welcome and Rules

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 11, 2010, 8:26 AM

Official Group Chatroom…
Our purpose and mission:

This group is designed for writers looking for constructive criticism, writing tips, and encouragement. A place for those truly wanting to improve their skills. We can all benefit from positive feedback and become better writers with one another's assistance.

The Writer's Meow showcases everything from fiction and fan fiction, to poetry and songs, to nonfiction articles and essays. Seasoned writers and novices with a dream of writing are encouraged to join.

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Joining the group:

:bulletblack: Hit the button titled "Join this Group." Hitting 'watch' will only allow you to view work, not submit.

:bulletblack: We'd appreciate it if you place our icon in your journal or our link in your signature to show your support.

:bulletblack: Don't forget to comment on other club members' submissions - that is why we are here. And be sure to mention you are visiting their deviation from TMW. That way they can pay you back in kind.

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What we accept:

:bulletblack: Prose... both fiction and non-fiction

:bulletblack: Fan fictions (with disclaimers please)

:bulletblack: Novelists... we will accept all of your chapters, not just the first one and/or prologue. Please refer to the submission guidelines for more.

:bulletblack: Articles and writing tips

:bulletblack: Poetry and songs

:bulletblack: Visual poetry. Photography/artwork with accompanying literature in the artist comments section are also accepted. Please note... we will accept these forms of media ONLY if the literature is YOUR OWN WORK. The image does not have to belong to you, but it MUST be credited in the artist comments section.

:bulletblack: Sorry, NO comics or manga. We are first and foremost a literature group.

:bulletblack: No scraps! If it's not good enough for your gallery, it's not good enough for ours, either.

:bulletblack: The deviation must be a proper deviantArt literature submission. A cover photo with a link in the artist comments section to another site where your story is posted will be considered spam, and will be declined.

:bulletblack: This should go without saying, but all literature must be your own! Posting someone else's work without written permission or at least verbal consent is considered plagiarism. All stolen work will be declined and reported.

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:bulletblack: Due to the amount of members here, we can only accept ONE submission per deviant per week. If you submit more than one within a seven day period, we will chose one for you and the rest will be declined. Sorry, but we want to try to avoid becoming an 'exposure only' group.

Novelists... again, you are welcome to post all your chapters here, but we ask you to please respect the submission limit rule. If you wish your other chapters to be read before they can be submitted, including a link to them in your artist comments would be prudent.

:bulletblack: There are no limits or minimums on word count.

:bulletblack: There are no rules here pertaining to ratings. We will take them all. If your deviation contains adult themes, please make sure it is marked as such and/or the mature filter is on. We do not wish to censor, but our audience is very broad. Please be respectful.

:bulletblack: We do not deny work based on quality, but we do ask that you post your best work possible. Run your work through a spell check, and recheck your grammar/punctuation. If there is something in particular you need assistance with, be sure to include that in your artist comments.

:bulletblack: We now have gallery folders! The featured folder is no longer open for submissions, but will be saved for contest winners, DDs/DLDs, and member recognitions.

To submit, go to gallery page, scroll down to find the appropriate folder, and click the '+' sign. You can also enter the gallery folder itself and click 'submit to this folder.' The genre folders can be accessed directly from the group's home page as well, for your convenience.

If you don't know the category of your submission, please note either the group or one of the gallery moderators. If your submission is a chapter out of a larger work, submit to the gallery your story as a whole fits into. Member submissions are run through on Sundays and Wednesdays. Hopefully this will give you all time to read at your leisure.

Please DO NOT send your own submissions to the group favorites folder! They will be declined.

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Advanced critique:

This folder is meant for members looking for more than just comments and encouragement. Operating on a crit for a crit system, it is for those looking to take their writing to the next level. For more on what this project entails, click here… and here

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Which Submission best demonstrates the Valentines Day Prompt Best? 

4 deviants said That's What Friends Are ForDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author owns exclusive rights to this story.
Esther stared at Rebecca's back as she lay on the bed, sobs racking her body. Tears soaked the material of the pillowcase on which Rebecca lay as her wails echoed through the apartment. Esther swallowed a sigh, restraining herself to rubbing Rebecca's back and trying to soothe her friend. Focusing on the blonde hair splayed across the sheets, she managed to keep herself silent, not even allowing an exasperated huff to escape.
Despite having known that Anthony was wrong for her, Esther had made no attempt to separate the pair after Rebecca's initial response. When the blonde had yelled at her, railing about jealousy and how Esther would only ever be alone in the world, it was all she could do to bite her tongue, letting her friend's anger boil over and burn through. As easy as it would have been to walk away, t
4 deviants said Mother, I do not want to repeat your historyMother, he is a lesson I have still not learned. He leaves nebulae kisses on my neck and
they do not mean war
- most days.When darkness fell and with it my demons appeared
he held out his earthly hands and asked me to trust him. I let him lead me through the
darkness and I came out alive. Mother, how was I to know that one day I would have to
battle his demons.
Days when he curses the silence of his world I cup my hands around his
ears so he can hear my voice and I whisper, I love you I love you I love you. My love does not calm him any more.
His face has lines filled with every paranoid thought, every miserable failure, every little drop of self-hate. Every day they etch deeper; turning into violent rivers. Mother, I hold his gaunt face in my small hands and it is overflowing. He would master my storms, turn them into little heaps by a wooden bed; whisper me endless love without the use of his voice. Reach into me, dip himself in our contentedness. Mothe
1 deviant said With LoveShe was beautiful- soft wisps of hair and wrinkled skin eyes screwed shut.
She was also born two months premature.
So small she could fit in the palm of his hand, her father through the tears.
He cried for his daughter who was finally here and, at the moment, safe; and he cried for his wife, who had not made it through the birth.
Heartbroken, he basically lived at the hospital, eagerly awaiting the day that he could take his daughter home.
Months passed, then several more followed.
Tests and medicine and beeping machines and hushed conversation with pitying looks thrown his way and soon the father was sick of the place, yet refused to leave. He couldn’t. Not when his baby girl was still there, with only him to support her.
In the end, he stayed, ignoring the looks and words of doubt, choosing instead to cheer his daughter on.
They took it day by day, because each one was a miracle.
Finally, after what seemed like endless examinations and treatments, he got the okay to take her ho
1 deviant said

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