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A Welcome and Rules

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 11, 2010, 8:26 AM

Official Group Chatroom…
Our purpose and mission:

This group is designed for writers looking for constructive criticism, writing tips, and encouragement. A place for those truly wanting to improve their skills. We can all benefit from positive feedback and become better writers with one another's assistance.

The Writer's Meow showcases everything from fiction and fan fiction, to poetry and songs, to nonfiction articles and essays. Seasoned writers and novices with a dream of writing are encouraged to join.

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Joining the group:

:bulletblack: Hit the button titled "Join this Group." Hitting 'watch' will only allow you to view work, not submit.

:bulletblack: We'd appreciate it if you place our icon in your journal or our link in your signature to show your support.

:bulletblack: Don't forget to comment on other club members' submissions - that is why we are here. And be sure to mention you are visiting their deviation from TMW. That way they can pay you back in kind.

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What we accept:

:bulletblack: Prose... both fiction and non-fiction

:bulletblack: Fan fictions (with disclaimers please)

:bulletblack: Novelists... we will accept all of your chapters, not just the first one and/or prologue. Please refer to the submission guidelines for more.

:bulletblack: Articles and writing tips

:bulletblack: Poetry and songs

:bulletblack: Visual poetry. Photography/artwork with accompanying literature in the artist comments section are also accepted. Please note... we will accept these forms of media ONLY if the literature is YOUR OWN WORK. The image does not have to belong to you, but it MUST be credited in the artist comments section.

:bulletblack: Sorry, NO comics or manga. We are first and foremost a literature group.

:bulletblack: No scraps! If it's not good enough for your gallery, it's not good enough for ours, either.

:bulletblack: The deviation must be a proper deviantArt literature submission. A cover photo with a link in the artist comments section to another site where your story is posted will be considered spam, and will be declined.

:bulletblack: This should go without saying, but all literature must be your own! Posting someone else's work without written permission or at least verbal consent is considered plagiarism. All stolen work will be declined and reported.

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:bulletblack: Due to the amount of members here, we can only accept ONE submission per deviant per week. If you submit more than one within a seven day period, we will chose one for you and the rest will be declined. Sorry, but we want to try to avoid becoming an 'exposure only' group.

Novelists... again, you are welcome to post all your chapters here, but we ask you to please respect the submission limit rule. If you wish your other chapters to be read before they can be submitted, including a link to them in your artist comments would be prudent.

:bulletblack: There are no limits or minimums on word count.

:bulletblack: There are no rules here pertaining to ratings. We will take them all. If your deviation contains adult themes, please make sure it is marked as such and/or the mature filter is on. We do not wish to censor, but our audience is very broad. Please be respectful.

:bulletblack: We do not deny work based on quality, but we do ask that you post your best work possible. Run your work through a spell check, and recheck your grammar/punctuation. If there is something in particular you need assistance with, be sure to include that in your artist comments.

:bulletblack: We now have gallery folders! The featured folder is no longer open for submissions, but will be saved for contest winners, DDs/DLDs, and member recognitions.

To submit, go to gallery page, scroll down to find the appropriate folder, and click the '+' sign. You can also enter the gallery folder itself and click 'submit to this folder.' The genre folders can be accessed directly from the group's home page as well, for your convenience.

If you don't know the category of your submission, please note either the group or one of the gallery moderators. If your submission is a chapter out of a larger work, submit to the gallery your story as a whole fits into. Member submissions are run through on Sundays and Wednesdays. Hopefully this will give you all time to read at your leisure.

Please DO NOT send your own submissions to the group favorites folder! They will be declined.

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Advanced critique:

This folder is meant for members looking for more than just comments and encouragement. Operating on a crit for a crit system, it is for those looking to take their writing to the next level. For more on what this project entails, click here… and here

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Which Submissions best demonstrates the Prose and Poetry Prompts Best? There will be one winner for each catagory. 

4 deviants said The Alarm Clock, The Match, and The Postcard     Mrs. Nolan of room number 103 at Van Dyk Retirement Center wakes every morning at precisely eight o' clock. Once she gets out of bed she then proceeds to greet the day with some music at eight ten. She delightedly turns the radio on with her old, knobby hands and is rewarded with the majestic sound of Beethoven's 9th Symphony blaring out of the small radio's speakers for all to hear. Mrs. Nolan shuffles excitedly to the window and flings them open, yelling a joyful "Good Morning!" to the world.
    After completing this ritual Mrs. Nollan slips out of her room and dons her trusty slippers at eight fifteen. She goes down the hall as fast as she possibly can for a woman of her age yelling, "Good Morning!" to anyone who passes, or just for the fun of it. Nurses cheerily return the good morning as Mrs. Nolan goes past, for they have long given up to quiet her. Groans and rumbling remarks are heard from inside other residents' rooms as they are awaken from their
4 deviants said Ripe PlumsRipe plums are falling,
Juices weeping from bruised skins,
Summer's 'might have been.'
2 deviants said Now is the Summer of Our Discontent Chapter 3Alarm clocks are stupid.
My mom always sets an alarm clock in the morning.
 I told her that it was summer, and summer means you’re supposed to stay up really, really late and then sleep until it’s too hot; but she said It’s Important to Keep a Schedule and that It’s Better for My Health and that People Who Stay Up Late Have Insulin Problems and We Already Have Diabeeetus in Our Family.
Mom talks too much.
She set her alarm for really, really early in the morning. The sun wasn’t even up. Mrs. Trencher wasn’t even up.
Sally’s dad was up, and he was mowing the lawn with his shirt off – like always – and I could see all of his chest hair, so I couldn’t eat my breakfast, even though my Mom told me it is important to Get Protein to Balance Your Blood Sugar. I don’t even know what that means, but I told her that my blood sugar needed to get in line behind my stomach vomit, because my chair is exactly across from our kitche
1 deviant said HaikuTime is going by
So slowly and yet so fast
I cannot keep up

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