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advanced critique open for business

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 21, 2011, 9:36 AM

Critique folders

The Advanced Critique folders are officially open! :w00t: Before you rush off to submit there, please read the instructions on this deviation first...

TwmCritFolderSubmissionProcess by Kira73

This is our hopeful attempt at gaining equal feedback on a higher level. I, as well as the other TWM staff members, will be participating in giving critique for this venture, but there's no way we can critique it all. For this to be successful, we need your help as well. To gain, first you have to give... the way many real critique groups operate. This is not the place for those seeking more comments or faves, but a place to post for future revises. A place for hard feedback.

You DO NOT have to be a dA subscriber to submit to Advanced Critique. We don't care what symbol you carry in front of your name, as long as you like to crit. If you do not understand how to go about giving a critique, you can consult the guides in the main Advanced Critique folder. You may also note us and we'll be happy to provide you with working examples of crit given to those on dA.

For now, we have subfolders for poetry and prose. If they fill up more than expected, we may add genres as well. At the moment, we are imposing NO LIMITS on submissions to the Advanced subfolders, as long as you first critique a TWM member and fill out the form. As the subfolders fill up, we may impose limits, but for now... critique away! :)

Please note... if you already have a deviation submitted to TWM that you wish to submit for Advanced, please do not ask us to move it. All you need to do is yank it from the galleries (please note us if you are unfamiliar with how to do this) then resubmit to TWM when the Advanced requirements are met.

More folder news

Please ignore the folder marked 'February' for the time being. EmmyIsAZebra will be cranking out some prompty goodness next month that will involve weekly contests and points galore. Be sure to watch for it! The prompts she has in store for you all are delicious.

The 'Transgressive' folder has been deleted, since we've had all of four devs posted since the genre folders first opened in October. The four deviations it contained went into the genres that were the next best fit (general, horror, and romance). If you have a transgressive genre deviation and question on where it should go, please don't hesitate to ask us.

For fanfiction, we've had a few questions about where to place those. We do not, nor will not have a fanfiction folder set up. You may post them in whichever genre you feel fits your fanfic the best.

TWM in the news!

TheWritersMeow has been featured with an interview in :iconirrevocablefate:'s latest Love dA Lit news article. You can check out and fave the article here -->…

More dA lit news

:new: :iconnycterent: wants your opinion on how to improve dA's lit gallery… .

:bulletblack: :iconsoul-poets: Will be starting weekly features via blog and news articles. From their founder: Our literature on Deviantart is starving, and the only thing we can do about it is join together and give each other exposure. Soul Poetry Features is about poetry produced from artists that deserve recognition. You don't have to join Soul-Poets to be featured, but it helps to receive notes and comments from artists about poems they are really proud of. Thank you!

:bulletblack: :iconsixwordstories: has started their 52 Week Challenge. The one for week 2 : Write a story involving one specific colour without mentioning the actual color… .

:bulletblack: :iconeditorialsquad: has made some exciting changes to their critique system, and are looking for staff members… .

:bulletblack: :iconbeta-readers: is in dire need of betas… !

:bulletblack: Literature news section on dA.

:bulletblack: Past lit DD's.

:bulletblack: Dev Lit on Twitter.

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Which Submission best demonstrates the Anything goes prompt best? 

3 deviants said Blurred Lines by icandotoo
3 deviants said MilkI’m a gallon of milk. I lived in the dairy aisle until this afternoon when a woman came to buy me. I was so excited to finally belong to someone. I had a good feeling about her, too. She was very gentle with me, and she even put me in front of the shopping cart so I could see everything. I couldn't wait to get into her fridge.
We went for a ride in her car. I could tell that she lived far away from the store because it was a long ride. I was in a bag, so I couldn't see anything, but the music was nice and relaxing. She was a very careful driver, so the ride was nice and smooth. When she took me out of the car, I could see her neighborhood. It was very beautiful with lots of huge trees and houses. I instantly fell in love with my new home. 
We went inside and she set me on the counter for a second while she put the butter away. Just as she was getting ready to put me in the fridge, a strange man busted into the kitchen. He wore a ski mask and all black clothes. I was con
2 deviants said On The Other HandOn one hand, it was the only way to survive – on the other hand; could she really live with herself?
When the children were placed before Masozi, who was shaking like a leaf, they were told not to cry. They held somber faces – they knew the sacrifice they were making – and they shed no tears for the life this woman was going to take.
They told her, “thank you, Masozi, don’t cry for us, please.”
Masozi was not nearly as composed; she wept, quaked, vomited and cursed. She tore at her hair and yelled for death to come and take her.
“No, no, my lady,” said the children, “your name is Masozi; not for the tears you shed, but for those flowing from your enemy when they see you coming.”
So she stood, raised her sword, and, keeping her eyes shut tight, she swung with all her might. She stayed to see the two children be buried – and she lauded their families for the sacrifice and nobility – before she went out, alone, to fac
2 deviants said little infinitieswe are finite. 
trivial in the vastness of eternity, and
bound by the limitations of life.
but our own little infinities,
those hopes, dreams, and wishes,
traverse throughout time
and linger in a million forevers.
2 deviants said UntouchableDo you remember the time
When we were
No one could reach us
No one could hold us
We were one
We were one
Now we are two
And there is nothing
Holding us together
We are fragile
Each on their own
Each on their own
We are breakable
No longer invincible
Every crack in the glass
Causes a splinter to fall
The façade is crumbling
The façade is crumbling
And I am breaking
While watching you burn
You are burning up from inside
And I can't take what is around me
This is the end of us
This is the end of us
And nothing we can do
As we are
Too far apart
Inside and out
We were
1 deviant said I Have a Question...I'm certain there's no shortage
Of disdain for humanity
Given our long history of
violence and profanity
But I've discovered that it's
Almost too easy to find
The faults the reside
Within your own kind
It seems that one's stance
Always turns on a dime
And we see it happen
Almost all of the time
You might be confused as to
What I'm trying to imply
Don't worry about implications now
Just let me explain why
So if man does something stupid
Society dwells into a horrid dismay
And says our species is done for
Though we're progressing anyway
But when a man does something right
They say their faith is restored
As if the world's good natured people
Were never there before
Now my question is not asking
If you have faith in mankind
But I figured you might
Want to keep that in mind
So anyway...
If you have a special person
( I'm not saying that you do)
Who you love more than anything
Who means the world to you
A person you have hope in
No matter what the cost
If you believe in that single soul...
1 deviant said Till the Last Petal FallsDeep red of lush roses
desperately clinging to a life
that is not their own.
They flush,
akin to the blush,
across turned up noses.
Can they see the lack
of faith in their luster?
Or is it a lost cause, no hope?
Merely a blunder,
of false feelings from a flashback.
Veins of brown death sweep
through the petals;
drying them as it goes.
Sighing at their passing
youth that wouldn’t  keep.
Fade away departing, used,
faithless lover.
Nothing delicate rotted the stems;
only the struggle of intimate needs
against a tangible suit.
Graceful fall of once sweet carnations
allows the pain to be brushed away;
into many places:
hidden in the hug,
snug next to the jaded motions,
buried in isolation.
Dingy meaningless leaves, that are
no longer green with jealousy,
darkened to hate.
The past lays waste
to those too stubborn to reprieve.
Wilting decay, vibrant in niceties,
expressing lost ecstasy and desire;
an avoidable death of vibrancy
wrapped in unmistakable longing,
sits on the table re
No deviants said PussydeathTeeth to tear your limbs apart
And growls to tear your soul
He smells your fear
Will disappear
And rip out your heart
Like a giant cat he moves
With stripes and whiskers and claws
The last thing you’ll see
His tail it will be
When it’s your eyes that he removes
You will be dead
The giant cat
Will eat you alive
When you have bled
Your blood is shed
And you cannot survive
No deviants said Killer Kids 2, BethanyCan you keep a secret?
Promise it's safe?
Do I have to threaten you just in case?
My name is Bethany, I'm not that stable... if you compare me to my twin sister Mable.
Marble is the smartest, she's the best.
Just flat-out better than all the rest.
My parents loved her more you see...
So I have to change that favorite to me.
I got a glass bottle, colored black.
Now it's my time to attack.
Right before bed, I smashed the bottle against her head.
Her pretty face cut with black shards. 
I could help but laugh very hard.
The black bottle splattered with red.
Now its time to take her to "bed".
I buried her in the back yard...
I never thought I'd get this far.
My name is Bethany, and I'm not stable... if you still compare me to my dead twin sister Mable.

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