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advanced critique open for business

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 21, 2011, 9:36 AM

Critique folders

The Advanced Critique folders are officially open! :w00t: Before you rush off to submit there, please read the instructions on this deviation first...

TwmCritFolderSubmissionProcess by Kira73

This is our hopeful attempt at gaining equal feedback on a higher level. I, as well as the other TWM staff members, will be participating in giving critique for this venture, but there's no way we can critique it all. For this to be successful, we need your help as well. To gain, first you have to give... the way many real critique groups operate. This is not the place for those seeking more comments or faves, but a place to post for future revises. A place for hard feedback.

You DO NOT have to be a dA subscriber to submit to Advanced Critique. We don't care what symbol you carry in front of your name, as long as you like to crit. If you do not understand how to go about giving a critique, you can consult the guides in the main Advanced Critique folder. You may also note us and we'll be happy to provide you with working examples of crit given to those on dA.

For now, we have subfolders for poetry and prose. If they fill up more than expected, we may add genres as well. At the moment, we are imposing NO LIMITS on submissions to the Advanced subfolders, as long as you first critique a TWM member and fill out the form. As the subfolders fill up, we may impose limits, but for now... critique away! :)

Please note... if you already have a deviation submitted to TWM that you wish to submit for Advanced, please do not ask us to move it. All you need to do is yank it from the galleries (please note us if you are unfamiliar with how to do this) then resubmit to TWM when the Advanced requirements are met.

More folder news

Please ignore the folder marked 'February' for the time being. EmmyIsAZebra will be cranking out some prompty goodness next month that will involve weekly contests and points galore. Be sure to watch for it! The prompts she has in store for you all are delicious.

The 'Transgressive' folder has been deleted, since we've had all of four devs posted since the genre folders first opened in October. The four deviations it contained went into the genres that were the next best fit (general, horror, and romance). If you have a transgressive genre deviation and question on where it should go, please don't hesitate to ask us.

For fanfiction, we've had a few questions about where to place those. We do not, nor will not have a fanfiction folder set up. You may post them in whichever genre you feel fits your fanfic the best.

TWM in the news!

TheWritersMeow has been featured with an interview in :iconirrevocablefate:'s latest Love dA Lit news article. You can check out and fave the article here -->…

More dA lit news

:new: :iconnycterent: wants your opinion on how to improve dA's lit gallery… .

:bulletblack: :iconsoul-poets: Will be starting weekly features via blog and news articles. From their founder: Our literature on Deviantart is starving, and the only thing we can do about it is join together and give each other exposure. Soul Poetry Features is about poetry produced from artists that deserve recognition. You don't have to join Soul-Poets to be featured, but it helps to receive notes and comments from artists about poems they are really proud of. Thank you!

:bulletblack: :iconsixwordstories: has started their 52 Week Challenge. The one for week 2 : Write a story involving one specific colour without mentioning the actual color… .

:bulletblack: :iconeditorialsquad: has made some exciting changes to their critique system, and are looking for staff members… .

:bulletblack: :iconbeta-readers: is in dire need of betas… !

:bulletblack: Literature news section on dA.

:bulletblack: Past lit DD's.

:bulletblack: Dev Lit on Twitter.

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Which Submission best demonstrates the Halloween Prompt Best? 

3 deviants said Rotten Candy    "Trick or Treat time, Mommy! Trick OR Treat!" Shouted Naomi. She was tugging on her blonde wig, and snatching up her plastic pumpkin bag. I had told her she had to wait fifteen more minutes. She sat and stared at that clock completely motionless like a coiled spring, but once the second hand hit the twelve on that last minute she let out all that compressed energy. She bounded around the house, checking her reflection in every mirror she happened by. "Mommy, Mommy! Let's go!" Naomi ran past me to the door. I still needed to clean up the mess we'd made with the face paint. "Mommy we are gunna miss it! Gunna miss it!" she fell dramatically to the floor at my feet, knees bent, hands folded. "Lord, tell Mommy she needs to hurry up or sh'll make us miss Halloween." She had her eyes open, glaring at me while I wiped up the last few sparkles.
    "Hey now, you know better than to ask for those kinds of things. How about we ask for a safe Halloween?" I suggested as I we
2 deviants said :thumb491302593:
2 deviants said
1 deviant said Trick or treatSpices fill the air,
fall is here.
With the pumpkins,
and many apples.
They fill the need;
they need
for fall.
Halloween creeps,
around the corner.
People prepare;
for the trick or treaters
and the spook filled night.
The night,
filled with mystery.
Even more so
with fright.
Where the moon;
shines extra brightly.
It rules the night,
the bliss continues;
even the adults dress up
like the kids.
Being someone else,
while getting drunk
with everybody.
Sweet drinks,
and sweet snacks.
Zombies and
They come alive;
the heros
and villans.
Crowd the streets,
searching for adventures
and sweets.
But the night ends,
they go home
with their treasures.
Then they wait;
for next year
to be another character
and gain their yearly treasures.

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