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Which deviation did you feel exemplified the Fable prompt best? Please read the rules before voting. 

11 deviants said The Fabled FableThe Fabled Fable
I'd like to tell you of a story, of sorts,
But I'm afraid that it would be  a waste of time,
You see, my stories don't make much sense,
But continue reading if you value your ignorance,
Now some folks ask me, of long lost treasures,
And I look into their eyes and say,
You're wasting your time with foolish endeavors,
And that's why toads grow mushrooms in the day,
The trees sway back and forth, at night,
But that doesn't make them wrong,
What would make a tree wrong, you ask?
The fact that chairs don't dance without a mask!
Pirates don't swing their swords around,
And stags don't brush their antlers at noon,
Snake meat is like bear meat, pound for pound,
And snails don't fly without a silver spoon,
A figure of speaking, a speaking figure,
Walked up to me on a midnight day,
He held out his pistol and pulled the trigger,
And as the boulder rolled, the grass grew bigger!
Don't look at me, like you don't understand!
The answer is as clear as pitch,
You have the truth s
7 deviants said Equal but DifferentKing Tiger, too often at hunting outclassed,
Caused throughout the jungle a law to be passed
That never a bird or a beast kill could claim
That used their own methods while stalking their game
'Twas tigerish hunting they'd all to employ
And little did any but Tiger enjoy
The chase through the jungle for each scrap of bone
The birds on their feet and the wolves on their own
But even old Tiger, when winter drew near
Found slim enough pickings in cattle and deer
The lean season found them with nothing to spare
And none with a bone or a sinew to share
And as for King Tiger, he'd no time to scoff
'Twas tigerish hunting that finished him off
Now each in the jungle his own way espouses
And all of 'em plenty of food in their houses
They're equal but different, not hobbled and tied
By 'I can't do that, so it's wrong that you tried'
The moral's not tricky, the song's not so long
Don't be like King Tiger, you won't go far wrong.

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kamisch42 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm having trouble finding the rules you posted for "Fables"...I remember reading them, but there were a few points you'd mentioned that I can't recall, so I wanted to see them and clarify...but I don't see it listed would determine which one I pick!
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